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Info is one of the largest German networks. There you can find many program suppliers with different product ranges, that activate quite rapidly. After the redesign of the user interface in 2013 it is easy to navigate.

Recommendation for german websites


Partner Programs ca. 2500
Affiliate Websites ca. 500.000
Payout Minimum 0 Euro
Ways for Payout Money Transfer
Payout Frequency 1 x each month


Publisher ID

The publisher ID can be found in the dashboard on the left side next to your domain.


The dashboard above in the menu bar under Solutions -> Web Services click on Access data The password is on the page under Product Webservice Password: If the password is not found there, click onactivate and then click on request password

Pricemesh steht zum Verkauf und wird derzeit nicht weiterentwickelt. Bei Interesse Email an: