Partner Program Terms of Service

Pricemesh Partner Program Terms of Service


The partner program enables signed in partners to earn commissions for every new Pricemesh customer recruited by the partner. With your registration you accept the following terms of services for the use of the Pricemesh partner program. With the acceptance of the terms of services the partner agrees that Pricemesh can change the terms at any time. Pricemesh will inform the partner at least 14 days prior to any changes. If the partner does not agree to the new terms, he can cancel his participation in the partner program at any time. Furthermore, the partner agrees on the confidentiality with respect to Pricemesh.Pricemesh reserves the right to restrict or cancel the participation in the partner program at any time arbitrarily. Furthermore Pricemesh reserves the right to complement the existing partner program or replace the existing partner program with a new one, respectively cancel it. Unless specified otherwise the terms also apply to all functions and partner programs.

Requirements: The minimum age to participate in the pricemesh partner program is the minimum age to participate in business relationships for the given country, but at least 18 years. To participate in the Pricemesh partner program the partner hereby confirms to have read and agreed to the general terms of service for Pricemesh (TOS).

Furthermore the partner has to make complete and truthful statements about his name and his email address and all relevant data that Pricemesh requests that are relevant for the partner program.

1. Tracking, Reporting and Payout

Commission is only paid for charged subscriptions for new customers that registered through one of the affiliate links provided by pricemesh.

1.1 Cookie Lifetime

New customers are tracked by cookies. The cookie lifetime is 14 days after activation. During this time the new customer has to create a free account. If the customer decides to book a charged package, a new commission is generated.

Example: A potential new customers clicks on a link provided by the partner and registers 7 days after that for a free account. After 80 days the customer decides to subscribe to a Pro plan. The partner will receive commissions.

1.2 Commissions

Once a revenue for Pricemesh is generated through a partner (= successful sale of a subscription), the commission for the sale will be credited. If there are chargebacks after that (due to a declined credit card), Pricemesh reserves the right to not confirm the provision, as long as it has not been payed out yet.

1.3 Commission Payout

Once a partner reaches the minimum payout of 20,- USD on confirmed commissions, the commission will be payed out automatically at the first of the following month.

2. Ethical Aspects

Unfair practices like cookie spreading, cookie dropping or similar activities are prohibited. Furthermore it is prohibited to use Pricemesh pages in an iFrame

The Pricemesh partner program does not accept partners with websites that have the following content:
• Racism
• Radicalism
• Porn
• Violence
• Drug abuse
• Criminal content
• Insults und defamation

Principally all sites with illegal content or content that stands against moral and rights of others like P2P websites, filesharing and others are not permitted. Bonus systems like paid4mail, paid4start, popups or similar systems are only permitted after extensive examination and are otherwise not permitted.

3. Advertising Media

The partner can use his own images to advertise for Pricemesh and the ads that are supplied by Pricemesh.

3.1 Search Engine Marketing/Search Engine Advertising

The term "Pricemesh" (or incorrect variations thereof) shall not be used as a keyword or on the domain of a website. Furthermore it is prohibited to bid on the term "Pricemesh" (or incorrect variations thereof) on Adsense or programs like that.

3.2 Email Marketing

All Pricemesh partners have to agree to the Can-Spam Act of 2003, independent of spam regulations for the given country. All images, and texts from Pricemesh shall not be used express permission from Pricemesh.

4. Disclaimer

Ethically and morally offensive ads are not allowed.

5. Confidentiality

All services, agreements, subsidiary agreements and other details the partner obtains during his participation in the partner program are confidential.

6. Duration and Termination

The contract for the participation in the Pricemesh partner program is not time limited. Both parties can cancel the contract at any time via Email. Commission are payed out to active partners only.

7. Restrictions

A partner can't earn commissions for his own person or for persons that are part of his family. Furthermore the partner can only earn commissions for a person once.

8. Final Provisions

German law applies, with exclusion of UN Sales Convention provisions that have been incorporated in German law. Place of jurisdiction is the Federal Republic of Germany, Dortmund. Should one or more conditions be invalid, or become so, then all other contractual conditions are to remain unaffected by it or them
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